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PaperTrailApp and RouterBOARD 750GL

PaperTrailApp (Referral link) is a SaaS RSyslog host that currently offers 100MB/mo of capacity free. In setting up my home network and servers I wanted to have my RouterBOARD 750GL send its logs to PaperTrail. The RouterBoard supports syslog, so configuring it is pretty straightforward — with one exception. My ISP utilizes PPPoE and so I have an additional interface configured in my RouterBOARD for it. It seems to get confused as to what source IP to use when talking to PaperTrail and the syslog packets go into the bitbucket. I resolved this by hardcoding my source IP into the src-address for the syslog. The resulting configuation is:

# jan/07/2015 20:12:24 by RouterOS 6.22
# software id = 2JL8-DKGT
/system logging action
set 3 remote=<IP by resolving your log* address> remote-port=<port defined in the console>
add bsd-syslog=yes name=papertrail remote==<IP by resolving your log* address> remote-port=<port defined in papertrail console> src-address=<pppoe address> target=remote
/system logging
add action=papertrail topics=!async,!packet,!ddns,!debug