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 BigString.com Vulnerability.

PHP-NukeSo I read about a service called BigString.com where users can send emails that can be recalled / edited / expired / non-forwarable, w/o any cooperation of the recipients mail user agent (MUA).

It turns out that their system is based on sending people a HTML email that contains a IMG link to a picture of the email. The MUA loads this picture from the BigString.com server. Since the image is on their server they control whether or not it is available. Of course, their claims of recallable / expirable email falls flat as soon as the user does a "Save-As" of the picture.

Posted by jhmartin on Monday, April 05 @ 09:39:05 PDT (34 reads)
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 New machine

PHP-NukeThe websites are on a new machine, a Athlon 2600.

Posted by jhmartin on Saturday, August 30 @ 11:41:21 PDT (18 reads)
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 Traffic Waves

PHP-NukeHere's a very interesting article about Traffic Waves

Posted by jhmartin on Friday, May 16 @ 16:19:54 PDT (17 reads)
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 Ties as a method of subjugation by feminists

PHP-Nuke(begin joke) Ties: A tool of male subjugation by feminists. You see, a tie and the associated collar puts pressure on the cartoid arteries. This causes the brain to believe that blood pressure is high and thus lower it. That causes the body's blood pressure to lower, putting one into a barely conscious state (See 'manager'). This semiconcsious state makes one very vulnerable to suggestion and also keeps one pacified. This, it is a tool of the feminists to keep the male population under control.

Posted by jhmartin on Tuesday, March 25 @ 15:28:40 PST (25 reads)
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 BF1942 Server Monitoring with Nagios

PHP-NukeHere's a way I figured out how to use Nagios to monitor a Battlefield 1942 server. I can't use a php script on the server since it is a rented/managed server, but I want an independant way of tracking the up time to hold the provider accountable for any unplanned downtime (they have a refund policy of it happens). I'm running Nagios. I looked at the source code for that smurf-like attack against bf1942 servers and found out that if I send it a udp packet to port 23000 with the contents of echo, it'll send back a packet containing echoresponse. That's enough for me to check that the server is running. You can replace echo with rules, players,or status to get more info but I don't need that for my monitoring app. I used a command line of check_udp -H -p 23000 -s echo -e echoresponse when using the Nagios plugins. There are double-blackslashes in there since the shell uses as an escape character.

Posted by jhmartin on Thursday, March 06 @ 18:47:49 PST (118 reads)
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 Sports teams

PHP-NukeSports teams are an odd business. Owners of sports teams spend lots of marketing money to convince the populace that it is 'your' team. They get everyone seriously worked up over 'your' team and how you need to come out and root for 'your' team.

Posted by jhmartin on Saturday, March 01 @ 10:17:23 PST (23 reads)
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"The American Republic will endure until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money."
--Alexis de Tocqueville

Posted by jhmartin on Thursday, February 06 @ 12:16:00 PST (16 reads)
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PHP-NukeI have my Hotmail inbox set to exclusive-mode, such that only people in my address book can send to me. So what do I see in my inbox today? A message from Hotmail Member Services about "Defend your Inbox against SPAM". Are they on my allowed-list? No.

Posted by jhmartin on Monday, February 03 @ 16:18:03 PST (16 reads)
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 Hot Ear

PHP-NukeDon't you just hate Hot Ear? You know, when you're on the phone for 2 hours and your ear just gets hot, and the receiver is hot, and its just not comfortable. Too bad they don't have some sort of refridgerated earpiece... I've found that keeping an icepack next to your phone and setting the receiver on it during pauses helps.

Posted by jhmartin on Friday, January 31 @ 13:21:32 PST (33 reads)
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 Backup methodolgy

PHP-NukeFrom a Slashdot Comment:
Putting your data in only one place is *never* the right way if it's at all important to you. Your data goes in one place so you can work on it. It goes in another place so the hardware can fail (redundancy to protect against a dead HD). It goes in a third place so the people can fail (Oops! I deleted a file three weeks ago and just noticed!). It goes in a fourth place so reality can fail (lightning, flood, etc.). And if you're paranoid, it goes in a fifth place in case something unforseen happens.

Posted by jhmartin on Friday, January 10 @ 15:24:36 PST (21 reads)
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